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Meeting structure

Place: ROBIN pause area, 4th floor Ole-Johan Dahls hus

12:00-12:15 Brief exchange of recent news, plans etc.

12:15-13:00 Technology / Own Research / Journal review (see guidelines), including discussion (20 min each, e.g. 15+5)

Dates and subjects - Fall 2020 – Thursdays 12:00-13:00

5-10 min housekeeping updates + talks/roundtable

When Who 1 Content 1: Title and type (tech/res/review) Who 2 Content 2: Title and type (tech/res/review)
17.09 Frank Research status and preliminary results/ideas Andrija Introduction to research
15.10 Bjørn Ivar Network quality modelling with ΔQ Ulysse Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
05.11 Tom F. Hansen Introduction, machine learning for automation in underground construction (research) Yngve Using digital design to create and test pulse width modulating techniques for three phase motor control
26.11 Minh Machine learning for speech mood recognition (research) Abbas Dynamic modeling and control of soft manipulators
10.12 Adel Intro - -

Overview of earlier seminars

Examples of interesting topics for technology introduction

Feel free to add topics to the wishlist!

  • Robotics
    • Reinforcement learning for robotics
    • SLAM
    • embodied cognition
    • Swarm
  • Neural networks
    • Recursive NNs and LSTMs
    • NEAT / HyperNEAT
    • Deep NNs
  • Evolutionary algorithms and other types of optimization
    • Performance comparison of EAs (statistical tests)
    • Differential evolution
    • Diversity preservation methods
    • Novelty search, MAP-Elites and variants
    • Bayesian optimization
  • Tools
    • R
    • Python as alternative to R, incl. matplotlib
    • ROS
    • Deep learning frameworks and practice
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