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Robin har noen egne maler (TODO, note, etc.) Se hjelp om disse her


Editing help

For more information see the Mediawiki Editing Help page.

Text Formatting Markup

Paragraphs are separated with an empty line, normal linebreakes can be forced with <br/>. Some html are allowed.

Markup Look
''italic'' italic
'''bold''' bold
'''''bold italic''''' bold italic
<nowiki>Escaped ''markup''</nowiki> Escaped ''markup''
<code> block of code </code> block of code
<div> div </div>
<span> span </span> span
<tt> teletype </tt> teletype
== Level 1 ==

Level 1

=== Level 2 ===

Level 2

==== Level 3 ====

Level 3

===== Level 4 =====
Level 4
====== Level 5 ======
Level 5

* One
** Two
*** Three

  • One
    • Two
      • Three

# One
## Two
### Three

  1. One
    1. Two
      1. Three

* One
*# Two
*#* Three

  • One
    1. Two
      • Three

; term
: definition
: definition


  Preformatted text with
  one space at the beginning
  of each line

Preformatted text with
one space at the beginning
of each line


Description Markup Look
Internal link [[Main Page]] Main Page
Piped link [[Main Page|different text]] different text
Anchor link [[#Linking|Anchor link]] Anchor link
External link
External link, w/title [ MediaWiki] MediaWiki
External link, unnamed [] [1]
External link, same host [http://{{SERVERNAME}}/pagename] [2]
Interwiki link [[Wikipedia:MediaWiki]] Wikipedia:MediaWiki
mailto unnamed [] [3]
mailto named [ info] info
redirect #REDIRECT [[Main Page]] Main Page


Single images

Description Markup Look
Image [[Image:Example.png]] Image:Example.png
Image description page [[:Image:Example.png]] Image:Example.png
Direct link [[Media:Example.png]] Media:Example.png
Image w/alt [[Image:Example.png|A dog]] A dog
Direct w/alt [[Media:Example.png|A dog]] A dog
Resized image [[Image:Example.png|100px]]
Thumbnail image [[Image:Example.png|thumb|30px|A dog]]
A dog
Framed image [[Image:Example.png|frame|A dog]]
A dog
Image left [[Image:Example.png|left]] text text text
text text text
Image center text [[Image:Example.png|center]] text text text text
text text text
Image right text [[Image:Example.png|right]] text text text text
text text text
Image none text [[Image:Example.png|none]] text text text text
text text text

Image galleries

You can also make a gallert of images like this:

Image:Example.png|A dog
Image:Example.png|One more dog
Image:Example.png|Another one


For more information on tables see Help:Tables on MediaWiki.

Markup Description
{| Start of table
|+ Table caption
|- New table row
! Start of header cell (use !! to start a new cell on same line)
| Start of normal cell (use || to start a new cell on same line)
|} End of table

You can add all kinds of XHTML attributes to the table, just add them after the table markup and separate them from the content with a single |.

{| border="1"
|+ Caption
! Header1
! Header2
| colspan="2" align="center" | ''span''
| Cell 1 || Cell 2
| Cell 3
| Cell 4

Header1 Header2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Cell 3 Cell 4

wikitable style fra MediaWiki:Common.css

{| CLASS="wikitable"
| A || B
| B || C


To add a page to a category, add one or more category-spesifications on the page.

The name of the category you want to add this page to
The title under which to sort this page in the category list. {{PAGENAME}} may be a useful value for {Sort}.


There are a lot of substitutions you can use in pages to get dynamic content, or use for shotcuts. Some of them are described below.


See Help:Variables on MediaWiki for a list of variables. Some useful ones are found in the table below.

Name Value
{{PAGENAME}} Hvordan redigere
{{SITENAME}} Robin


Templates are used much like Variables above, but their definition is in pages under the Template prefix. See Help:Templates on MediaWiki for more info. There are three ways of invoking them:

Markup Description
{{Name}} Includes the value of [[Template:Name]] when page is displayed
{{subst:Name}} Includes value of [[Template:Name]] when you save the text
{{msgnw:Name}} Includes [[Template:Name]] in raw wiki syntax, like <nowiki> does

Templates can have parameters, either numbered (referenced as {{{3}}}) or named (referenced as {{{name}}}). To pass parameters to a template, you separate them with |.

Markup Description
{{template|param1|param2}} Template with numbered parameters
{{template|name1=value1|name2=value2}} Template with named parameters

You can control what parts of a template page is included with the following tags.

Markup Description
<noinclude>...</noinclude> Text is only shown when viewing the template page, not when included
<includeonly>...</includeonly> Only the text within is used when the template page is included

Magic Words and Parser Functions

There are also a lot of parser functions, like conditionals, that can be useful when writing templates, se the list of pages below for more information.

There are also a few Magic words that control page elements like TOCs and edit links.



Mal:TODO brukes for å lage en TODO-boks; e.g.

 {{TODO|Her trenger vi å fikse noe}}


TODO - Ventende oppgave for denne siden:
Her trenger vi å fikse noe
Rediger siden

Hvis du vil se sidene som har en todo-boks finnes disse på siden Special:Categories:Page with todo list.


Mal:note kan brukes for å lage en advarselsmerknad; e.g.

 {{note|Vær oppmerksom!! Noe kan gå galt. Hvis ikke noe har gått galt, vil det til slutt gå galt allikevel, for som Murphy sier: Kan noe gå galt, går det galt!}}


Vær oppmerksom!! Noe kan gå galt. Hvis ikke noe har gått galt, vil det til slutt gå galt allikevel, for som Murphy sier: Kan noe gå galt, går det galt!
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