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When Technology / journal review Who Own research 1 Own research 2

Dates and subjects - Autumn 2023 – Thursdays 12:00-12:45

5-20 min housekeeping/updates + 20 min talk

When What Who
10.08 Robotics at NTNU, Ålesund Assoc. Prof. Di Wu [1]
17.08 Introuction to Ege [2] Ege de Bruin
24.08 UiO Growth House [3] Ivar Bergland
31.08 Modeling centipede gaits at Tohoku university [4] Emma Stensby Norstein
07.09 Introduction to visiting PhD student Elias [5] Elias Najarro
14.09 Travel portal and reimbursement tips Jim
21.09 Introduction to IVS Ole Jakobs' PhD students
28.09 Something about soup and shrimp Frank
05.10 Casual meeting due to autumn school break Updates from attendees
12.10 Casual/no meeting due to IFI conference (for permanent staff/postdocs)
19.10 Locomotor control in centipedes Kotaro Yasui, Akio Ishiguro, Takeshi Kano, visiting from Tohoku University, Japan
26.10 Neuromorphic computing for robotics [6] Mateusz Wasiluk
02.11 Exploring human-robot interactions through pupillometry Marieke
09.11 ZRob Learning Mojtaba
16.11 TunnRL-CC: A computational framework for smart TBM cutter changing Tom Frode
23.11 State of the Makerspace [7] Adrian
30.11 intelligent robotics news [8] Kyrre
07.12 Attending the 2023 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) conference Jim
14.12 From Words to Actions: How can LLMs help robotics? [9] Shin Watanabe

Dates and subjects - Spring 2023 – Thursdays 12:00-12:45

5-20 min housekeeping/updates + 20 min talk

When What Who
12.01 Runtime Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms Per Kristian Lehre (external, from University of Birmingham)
19.01 Projects at Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) / Humans and Automation Department Alexandra Fernandes (external)
26.01 Real-World Applications of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Computation (Trial Lecture) Frank Veenstra
02.02 No presentation since relevant for many to attend Julian's defence at RITMO
09.02 Bayesian Neural Networks for continual deep learning Mateusz Wasiluk
16.02 Comparing optimization algorithms and improving their efficiency Etor Arza
23.02 Winter holiday - Casual meeting today
02.03 Foundation Models for Reinforcement Learning and Robotics Kai Olav Ellefsen
09.03 Machine learning for prediction and optimization in rock engineering – ML supporting in tunnelling Tom Frode Hansen, PhD-student from NGI
16.03 A Sound Innovation Engine with Evolutionary Algorithms Björn Þór Jónsson
23.03 ROBINs labs Vegard Søyseth and Adrian Bergflødt
30.03 The SmartAUVs project Ivar-Kristian Waarum
06.04 Easter Break – No meeting
13.04 Human-Agents Interactive Music System (Mixed Reality in Unity) Pedro Lucas
20.04 Tentative title: How socially assistive robots help us to understand developmental conditions and trust Prof. Thusha Rajendran
27.04 Sharing the experience from the stay in Japan Diana Saplacan
04.05 Who is TIAGo? Adel Baselizadeh
11.05 Introduction to biosignal processing to derive metrics describing the sympathetic nervous system Ulysse Côté-Allard
18.05 Ascension day - No meeting
25.05 EU AI Act Alexandra K. Schultz
01.06 NeuroAI: Combining neuroscience and machine learning to develop next-generation AI Mikkel Lepperød
08.06 Current state of EMG Gesture Recognition and Future Directions Evan Campbell
15.06 FPGA for motor control Yngve Hafting

Dates and subjects - Autumn 2022 – Thursdays 12:00-12:45

5-20 min housekeeping/updates + 15 min talk

When What Who
25.08 Research work Renan Maffei, Bjørn Thor Jonsson [10],

Ivar-Kristian Waarum [11], Shin Watanabe [12]

01.09 Making Accelerators Smart: Applications of Deep Learning in High-Energy Physics Mateusz Wasiluk
08.09 Cubing Sound: Exploring Gestural-based New Musical Instrument in Head-mounted Augmented Reality Yichen Wang [13]
15.09 No presentation / Casual meeting └[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘
22.09 Planning for human robot interaction in the real world Shin Watanabe [14]
29.09 Guest lecture: Creative Computing on the BBC Microbit with Bare-Metal ARM Assembly Charles Martin (former ROBIN postdoc)
06.10 No presentation / Casual meeting / round of updates └[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘
13.10 Automatic/semiautomatic/interactive robotic dance choreography Mats Høvin
20.10 The coffee-machine felt more deliberate in its expression – Study on Intuitive Responses to Robot Behavior Marieke
27.10 No presentation / Casual meeting / round of updates └[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘
03.11 Visit by journalist from for mutual interaction Elina Melteig
10.11 Automatic/semiautomatic/interactive robotic dance choreography Mats Høvin
17.11 No presentation / Casual meeting └[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘
24.11 Robotic Drummer with Embodied Cognition Mojtaba
01.12 Working with FPGAs Hiroyuki Kawai (Hamamatsu Photonics, Japan)
08.12 Kyrre?
15.12 Exploiting your own academic labour Ulysse Côté-Allard

Dates and subjects - Spring2022 – Thursdays 12:00-12:45

5-20 min housekeeping/updates + 15 min talk

When What Who
25.08 Computational resources (Slides) @Vegard
10.02 General update (Annual PhD report 2021)
17.02 Kai Catastrophic Forgetting
24.02 Computational resources (Slides) @Vegard
03.03 Alex Neural oscillator models
10.03 Stefano Nichele (OsloMet) Neural Cellular Automata (and other topics)
17.03 No presentation/Casual meeting
24.03 Emma
31.03 No presentation/Casual meeting
07.04 Ulysse Adherence forecasting for G-ICBT
14.04 Easter break – no meeting
21.04 Diana Overview on the VIROS project [15]
28.04 Adel
05.05 Mats (Cancelled, no presentation) Cancelled
12.05 No presentation/Casual meeting
19.05 Tobias Mahler (jus) om VIROS
26.05 Ascension day - No meeting
02.06 CANCELLED/POSTPONED UNTIL AFTER SUMMER (Presentation of Simula/UiO's BioAI research group) Mikkel Lepperød

Overview of earlier seminars

Dates and subjects - Autumn 2021 – Thursdays 12:00-12:45

5-20 min housekeeping/updates + 15 min talk (casual meetings = round-table)

When What Who
02.09 Introductions, news
09.09 (tour de RITMO day)
16.09 Casual lunch meeting Bring your own lunch
23.09 Marieke
30.09 Casual lunch meeting Bring your own lunch
07.10 Mojtaba
14.10 --- ---
21.10 Casual lunch meeting Bring your own lunch
28.10 Offline Reinforcement Learning Ulysse
04.11 Unity Machine Learning Agents for Evolutionary Robotics Frank
11.11 Casual lunch meeting Bring your own lunch
18.11 Emotion and mood recognition with speech Minh
25.11 Design, Kinematic Modeling, and Validation of a Robotic-Assisted Transesophageal Echocardiography System Reza
02.12 Casual lunch meeting Bring your own lunch
09.12 Kyrre
16.12 Katrine (
To be continued in January

Overview of earlier seminars

Dates and subjects - Spring 2021 – Thursdays 12:00-12:45

5-20 min housekeeping/updates + 15 min talk (casual meetings = round-table)

When What Who
21.01 Who is Diana? What will she do here? Diana
28.01 Casual meeting └[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘
04.02 The ROBIN API (Slides can be found here) Vegard
11.02 Introduction to the Predictive and Intuitive Robot Companion (PIRC) project Jim – Presentation
18.02 Casual meeting (With short presentation from Andrija) └[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘
25.02 Do your dance moves seem too robotic? You might be one of Benedikte's trained networks. Benedikte
04.03 Making Sense of Randomness? An Information-based analysis of iEEG Julian
11.03 Casual meeting └[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘
18.03 Jørgen's trial lecture Jørgen
25.03 Journal review. Journal: Frontiers in Robotics and AI: Evolutionary Robotics Emma
01.04 Easter holiday ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰
08.04 Multimodal Elderly Care Systems (MECS) dataset Farzan
15.04 Mike
22.04 Casual meeting ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \
29.04 Autonomous Robotic Inspection Planning Kai
06.05 Update by participants
13.05 National holiday ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰
20.05 genLib - our local CAD/generative design library Mats
27.05 Measure while drilling for automated decisions in rock tunnelling Tom
03.06 Casual meeting └[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘
10.06 Evolving shapes of compliant robots Andrija
17.06 Ole Jacob
24.06 Casual meeting └[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘
To be continued in August (remove this note to confirm)

Dates and subjects - Autumn 2020 – Thursdays 12:00-13:00

5-10 min housekeeping updates + talks/roundtable

When Who 1 Content 1: Title and type (tech/res/review) Who 2 Content 2: Title and type (tech/res/review)
17.09 Frank Research status and preliminary results/ideas Andrija Introduction to research
15.10 Bjørn Ivar Network quality modelling with ΔQ Ulysse Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
05.11 Tom F. Hansen Introduction, machine learning for automation in underground construction (research) Yngve Using digital design to create and test pulse width modulating techniques for three phase motor control
26.11 Minh Machine learning for speech mood recognition (research) Abbas Dynamic modeling and control of soft manipulators
10.12 Adel Intro - -

Dates and subjects - Autumn 2019 – Fridays 12:00-13:00

When Who Content (title and type (tech/res/review)
30.08 MEGA-seminar Extended colloquium from 11:00-13:00(!)
11.10 Mats Høvin Generative Design (Research)
25.10 01.11 Frank Veenstra Introduction, previous and current research
08.11 Trond Amundsen (UH IaaS) The UH-IaaS Infrastructure Cloud
22.11 TBD
06.12 Master project extravaganza Master students will present projects

Dates and subjects - Spring 2019 – Fridays 12:00-13:00

When Who Content (title and type (tech/res/review)
29.03 Jørgen Nordmoen New poster design (discussion)
12.04 Benedikte & Tønnes Evo* extravaganza (Conference presentations)
26.04 - 03.05 Kai Olav Ellefsen Self-Adapting Goals Allow Transfer of Predictive Models to New

Tasks (Conference presentation)

10.05 Farzan Majeed Noori Human Activity Recognition from Multiple Sensor Data Using Multi-Fusion Representation and CNNs (Conference presentation)
24.05 in5590 Students Rapid Prototyping of Robotic Systems pitching session (In Norwegian)
07.06 Stefano Nichele, Alex Alcocer and Hugo Lewi Hammer OsloMet AI activities
21.06 Luca Caltagirone Deep Learning for road detection and classification of EEG

Dates and subjects - Autumn 2018 – Fridays 12:00-13:00

When Who Content (title and type (tech/res/review)
19.10 Mats Soft robotics og INF5207-V18
02.11 Weria Mapless Navigation with Neuro-Fuzzy Intelligence (res)
16.11 Eivind Factorial Experiment design
14.12 Arjun Chandra Current challenges in deep RL

Dates and subjects - Spring 2018 – Fridays 12:00-13:00

When Who Content (title and type (tech/res/review)
09.02 Charles Deep predictive models in interactive music (res)
23.02 - (Winter vacation)
09.03 Kyrre Swarm engineering review (review)
06.04 Bruno Castro da Silva Writing and publishing scientific papers (tech)
20.04 Jørgen MAP-Elites and incremental evolution for gait generation (res)
04.05 Jim Ethical concerns and consideration in robotics and AI
18.05 Enrique Data processing and machine learning in R
01.06 Flavia Self-Learning Systems for Assisted Living Technology
15.06 Tønnes Evolutionary of morphology and control with DyRET (res)
29.06 Mats Soft robotics and INF5207

Dates and subjects - Spring 2017 – Fridays 12:45-14:00

13:00-13:15 Brief exchange of recent news, plans etc

13:15-14:00 Technology introduction or conference / journal review, see guidelines

14:00-14:30 Research presentation by two people (presentation of and discussion around group member's current research (15 mins each including discussion))

Please upload pdf of your presentation here: and link to it from the table below.


' When Technology / journal review' / guests Own research 1 Own research 2
10.03 Sichao Song Zia – sensing in MECS Weria – robot control in MECS
24.03 Finishing master thesis (Jim/interaction) ROBIN master students ROBIN master students
21.04 Charles – Music Tech in EPEC Jim about ROBIN projects
19.05 Kai Olav – multiple internal models Tønnes – Real world robot evolution Jørgen – Robot simulation Fil:Ros-containers-abel.pdf

Dates and subjects - Autumn 2015

When Technology / journal review Own research 1 Own research 2
30.09 Jørgen -Fil:Quality_Diversity.pdf Charles - Ensemble Director Agents for mediating ensemble music Fil:EDA-tech-talk.pdf Kai Olav - Neural networks that learn without forgetting Fil:Research_presentation.pdf
04.11 Eivind - Statistical performance evaluation Tønnes - Real world robot evolution
02.12 Sondre - ROS current and future possibilities Mats - Optimization of plant growth Jim - AI for new health projects

Dates and subjects - Spring 2015

When Technology / journal review Who Own research 1 Own research 2
04.02 New ROBIN project granted (2015-2019) Jim Justas Kim
04.03 Master students about their projects
TBD Introduction to R Justas Kyrre Mats
03.06 Kyrre Eivind Ralf/Ole Jakob

Autumn 2014

When Technology / journal review Who Own research 1 Own research 2
23.09.2014 ROS (robot operating system) Justas Nicolaas Groeneboom Kyrre (evo.rob.)
04.11.2014 IEEE TEVC / NSGA-III Eivind Ralf Kim
02.12.2014 Master students Master students Master students

Spring 2014

When Technology/paper presentation Who Research presentation 1 Research presentation 2
25.03.2014 PLoS Kyrre Minho Song Eivind
29.04.2014 Rolf Inge (evt. Alexander RJ) Kristian Arjun
27.05.2014 Jim Kyrre
17.06.2014 Mats Ralf Kim

Dates and subjects - Autumn 2012

Given the interdisciplinarity among us, it is very important that the presentations are neither too long nor too detailed and mainly present an overview. Thus, we follow the earlier defined guidelines:

  • Present overview / concepts during 30 min (a few questions/comments during or after the presentation are welcome so please leave time for that).
  • Feedback from audience on both the research as well as the quality of the presentation. This in order to improve future presentations both internally as well as externally.

Meeting type: S=SMA R=ROBIN. It's OK to show up on both kinds of meetings.

When Technology/paper presentation Who Research presentation Who Meeting type
19.09.2012 EPiCS R
25.09.2012 COSRECOS R
02.10.2012 Autumn break R
09.10.2012 EPiCS review Brussels
16.10.2012 Robotics/3D-printing, journal review R
23.10.2012 SMA S
30.10.2012 EPiCS R
06.11.2012 SMA S
13.11.2012 Robotics/3D-printing R
20.11.2012 COSRECOS R
27.11.2012 EPiCS R
04.12.2012 SMA S
10.12.2012 No meeting R

Dates and subjects - Spring 2012

Meeting type: S=SMA R=ROBIN. It's OK to show up on both kinds of meetings.


When Technology/paper presentation Who Research presentation Who Meeting type
10.01.2012 Misc Journal and Research Jim Jim R
17.01.2012 MoCap classification Arve Coming paper submissions All S
24.01.2012 Ståle Kim R
31.01.2012 MoCap classification Arve Project presentations Masters students S
07.02.2012 IEEE RAS Magazine Kyrre Master students' projects ROBIN/fourMs master students R
14.02.2012 MoCap classification Kristian S
21.02.2012 The Reality Gap Gordon Alexander RJ & Ripon R
28.02.2012 Principal Component Analysis Arjun S
06.03.2012 EPiCS GA at IFI, no ROBIN meeting R
13.03.2012 Self similarity decomposition Ståle S
20.03.2012 Gordon Kristian R
27.03.2012 Rhythmic and discrete movements Rolf Inge S
03.04.2012 Easter break
10.04.2012 (Dirk) (Ståle) R
17.04.2012 Action Hierarchies Rolf Inge Thessaloniki papers All S
24.04.2012 Arve Kyrre R
08.05.2012 JournalReview Comm. of the ACM Kristian Arjun & Pierre Lison, LNS grp, Nao robot R
15.05.2012 Sverm workshop S
22.05.2012 NIME in Michigan - No SMA meeting S
29.05.2012 Alexander W Arve & Dirk R
05.06.2012 Spectral Flux Risto S
12.06.2012 Ripon Alexander W R
19.06.2012 10:00-14:00 Risto PhD defence S
26.06.2012 R

Dates and subjects - Autumn 2011

Meeting type: S=SMA R=ROBIN. It's OK to show up on both kinds of meetings.


When Technology/paper presentation Who Research presentation Who Meeting type
23.08.2011 Guest Lecture Kristian Nymoen S
30.08.2011 Creative Machines Lab Jim Status update All members R
06.09.2011 Gestalt motor control Rolf Inge S
13.09.2011 The Finite Element Method Gordon Cornell/Visits Jim R
20.09.2011 Sound Shapes Daniel Leech-Wilkinson (King's College London) S
27.09.2011 ACM Interactions, robotic journals Ståle & Kyrre Ripon R
04.10.2011 No meeting S
11.10.2011 Arjun Kim R
18.10.2011 Posture-based motion cognition Rolf Inge S
25.10.2011 Dirk Ståle & Kristian R
01.11.2011 Database design Arve and Rolf Inge S
08.11.2011 Arve Arjun & Arve R
15.11.2011 Paper submissions All MIR -Müller, Chapter 9Kristian, Ståle, Rolf Inge S
22.11.2011 Kim & Mats Dirk R
29.11.2011 Coupled oscillators papersRisto S
06.12.2011 Simen Gordon & Kyrre R
13.12.2011 Paper submissions All MIR -Müller, Chapters 10-12Kyrre (on DTW) and all S
20.12.2011 ACM Multimedia Kristian Alexander W & Simen R

Dates and subjects - Spring 2011

Meeting type: S=SMA R=ROBIN. It's OK to show up on both kinds of meetings.


When Technology presentation Who Research presentation Who Meeting type
04.01.2011 R
11.01.2011 Masters studens' projects Rolf Inge S
18.01.2011 Biology research and possible uses of bio-inspired computation Hafting/Fyhn (Biology Dept.) R
25.01.2011 Coming paper sumbissions Krisitan, Ståle, Mariusz, and others S
01.02.2011 ML applied to cancer research Manish Kakar (Radium Hospital) Evolutionary Robotics Gordon Klaus R
08.02.2011 Masters students' presentationsKyrre, Mads, Rolf IngefourMs lab installationsArve, Alexander, etc. S
15.02.2011 Control theory Kim Mathiassen R
22.02.2011 Embodied cognitionBruno LaengIssues of auditory-motor interactionsBruno and Rolf Inge S
01.03.2011 R
08.03.2011 Center of excellence plans All staff S
15.03.2011 R
22.03.2011 MoCap data, terminology and processingAll S
29.03.2011 R
05.04.2011 Center of excellence plans All staff S
12.04.2011 The Go programming language Gordon Klaus ISA subsetting Alexander Wold R
19.04.2011 S
26.04.2011 java for fpga design Alexander Wold Thesis topic etc. Arjun Chandra R
03.05.2011 SMA meeting for NIME Alexander S
10.05.2011 R
18.05.2011 SMA meeting instead of the 17th Alexander and Rolf Inge NIME and MoCap seminar preparations S
24.05.2011 Wally Windbreaker of Cloud Wars Gordon Klaus R
31.05.2011 S
07.06.2011 R
14.06.2011 S
28.06.2011 R

Dates and subjects - Autumn 2010

Meeting type: S=SMA R=ROBIN. It's OK to show up on both kinds of meetings.


When Technology presentation Who Research presentation Who Meeting type
24.08.2010 S
31.08.2010 New actuator, climbing fish Mats Indoor positioning Kim R
07.09.2010 Moving in Time Mariusz S
14.09.2010 Swarm robotics Jan Dyre Bjerknes Tools for storing and streaming music-related data Kristian R
21.09.2010 GDIF Kristian S
28.09.2010 3d rotations, transforms Kim Evolvable hardware Michal Bidlo, Zdenek Vasicek (CZ) R
05.10.2010 Music-induced movement Rolf IngePopsenteret, muligheter for samarbeidPål Schjerven, Rolf Inge S
12.10.2010 FPGA Module placement Alexander W Ståle R
19.10.2010 Xsens data transformations Ståle S
26.10.2010 EPiCS (EU) project, bio-inspired algorithms Peter Lewis (UK) bio-inspired algorithms Arjun Chandra (UK) R
02.11.2010 Verdikt conference, no seminar S
09.11.2010 Simen Ripon R
16.11.2010 Samba, mocap and soundMari S
23.11.2010 Camera based mocap Bogdan Kwolek (PL) Sorting for databases Dirk R
30.11.2010 Embodied meterPaper discussionResearch and publication plansRolf Inge S
07.12.2010 Reservoir Computing Gordon Eddy robot Mats R
14.12.2010 Beat profilesRolf IngeDatabases and visualisationsArve S

Previous sessions

When Technology presentation Who Research presentation Who Meeting type
7.05.2007 Innføring i søkemetoder og heuristikker Kyrre
21.05.2007 Hill climbing, binary hill climing, (simulert størkning) Mats
21.01.2008 Hidden Markov Models (HMM) Mats
28.01.2008 Hidden Markov Models (HMM) del 2 Yngve
03.03.2008 Hidden Markov Models (HMM) del 3 Yngve
31.03.2008 Bayesiske og andre former for mønstergjenkjenning Marcus
07.04.2008 Lena
14.04.2008 ANN Jim
21.04.2008 Kompleksitet Kyrre
28.04.2008  ? Mats
19.05.2008 Distal Supervised Learning Mats
26.05.2008 Lage kretskort Yngve
20.01.2009 Boyes MA-prosjekt Boye
27.01.2009 Mats
03.02.2009 Presentasjon av GW-artikkel Kristian, Rolf Inge
10.02.2009 Jim
17.02.2009 Vinterferie
24.02.2009 Yngve
03.03.2009 Eiriks MSc-prosjekt Eirik
10.03.2009 Marcus
17.03.2009 Music Information Retrieval Kristian, Alexander
24.03.2009 3d-programmering Kyrre R
31.03.2009 Keyframes og interframes Rolf Inge S
14.04.2009 Mer MIR
21.04.2009 Mats
28.04.2009 MIR workshop (whole day!)
05.05.2009 Kristian R
19.05.2009  ? (CEC)
02.06.2009 Overview of machine learning techniques Ståle
16.06.2009 Ole J Omid R
18.08.2009 Oppstartsmøte SMA S
25.08.2009 Oppstartsmøte ROBIN R
01.09.2009 Forskningsplaner S
08.09.2009 Gruppetur R
15.09.2009 Hyperinstrument-seminar, NMH S
22.09.2009 Maskinlæringsteknikker Kristian
Keynote slides
PDF export
Egen forskning/ideer Ståle R
29.09.2009 Høstferie Rolf Inge S
06.10.2009 Dirk slides Erdal slides Dirk Koch & Erdal Kayacan HTM slides Bedeho Mender R
13.10.2009 MoCap workshop Marc Thompson S
20.10.2009 Eventyrriket Trygve Svindland Own research Ripon R
27.10.2009 S
03.11.2009 KDA background Simen R
10.11.2009 Work in progress papers Ståle & Kristian S
17.11.2009 Demo and info about new assigments in course INF3430 Jørgen og Roar Master projects Master students R
24.11.2009 Auditory Feature Extraction Rolf Inge S
01.12.2009 Own research Kyrre GPU? Sintef R
08.12.2009 S
15.12.2009  ?? Omid Ole Jakob R
22.12.2009 S
12.01.2010 Motion capture Akumed & Qualisys S
19.01.2010 SolidWorks Mats Kristian R
26.01.2010 MoCap Alexander S
02.02.2010 MoCap Toolbox Alexander R
09.02.2010 EMG Marja & Tomas (Akumed) S
16.02.2010 Robot control/tracking Ole J Dirk R
23.02.2010 Vinterferie? S
02.03.2010  ? INF3480 robot Mats R
09.03.2010 S
16.03.2010 Guest lecture Nils Peters (McGill) Virtual Microphone (ViMic) Nils Peters (McGill) R
23.03.2010 S
06.04.2010 Anna II Mats Simen R
13.04.2010 SVN Roger S
20.04.2010 Xsens (mocap) Ståle Ripon R
27.04.2010 MoCap Toolbox Ståle Forsknings-/publiseringsplaner Rolf Inge S
04.05.2010 New 3D-printer Mats/Yngve Ole Jakob R
11.05.2010 Art.on.Wires workshop S
18.05.2010 Central Pattern Generators   Kyrre Ståle R
25.05.2010 GDIF Alexander m.fl. Publiseringsplaner Rolf Inge S
01.06.2010  ? Alexander W Kyrre R
08.06.2010 Proprioception Jim SFF Rolf Inge S
15.06.2010  ? Simen + Dirk Jonas? R
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