Progress for week 48 (2018)

Fra Robin

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David Kolden


  • Implement one or more algorithms. Refine D2CO. Research a way to find a gradient with chamfer distance.


  • Found out that Chamfer Distance Transform can be used as a gradient directly in an IBVC.
  • Sketching new algorithms and evaluating them:
    • Reducing hypotheses in a IBVC/PBVC hybrid.
    • Parallel lines and vanishing points.
    • Hybrid configuration set up using model description of gripper together with model description of the object.
  • GPU to calculate FDCM?

Jonas S. Waaler


  • Tune data to fit classification task (experiment 2)
  • Construct algorithms/architectures to solve the classification task
    • First: Traditional methods (similar to experiment 1)
    • I suspect I need more data - transfer learning, RNN etc.

Malin Aandahl


  • Implement new fitness function.
  • Find out where the position to the robot is calculated(and change to be the back instead of the front of the robot)
  • Finish tutorials about Docker.
  • If time set up Docker or implement function to find position.
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