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Here is the digital version of the guidelines. This document may also help you in case you have any questions regarding the usage of devices or tools. If you have any further quesions, please get in contact with the local contact person @julianpf.


The lab has an Ultimaker 3D printer. For more 3D printing options, see Hovedside#3D printing. If you you are looking for devices not available at the lab, you could check Robin/IFI. In case you do not have access to IFI, please ask @julianpf.

Record of Attendance

In order to have a proof of how many hours this lab is in use, the usage time should be tracked. This is done via LabAgenda. It is rather simple to use, and by doing so you will help financing the lab itself such that we are able to provide more equipment :-). Upon signing the guidelines, one will get an invitation to the system.

List of additional necessary lab items

Items necessary for ones research can be noted in this list.

Personlige verktøy