Progress for week 8 (2019)

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David Kolden


  • Finish creating helping functionality and do experiment.

Wonho Lee


  • Categorize CPG implementation methods
  • Comparison of the methods
  • NEAT on CTRNN?


  • Identified 3 mainstream methods - coupled oscillators, CTRNN+GA, indirect encoding(diff. oscillator with CPPN, SUPG - embedded CPPN)
  • coupled oscillators implemented with hand tuned parameters, CTRNN+GA seems to be little deprecated(?), CPPN approaches are most recent(2017-2018 Eiben and colleges) and claimed to work better than CTRNN(Morse 2015)
  • Written notes on CPG impl. details.

Malin Aandahl


- Written a bit on the master thesis. - Made progress on 3rd fitness function; - Printed out bounding box into file.

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