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Tips for writing a thesis

Master projects

Add your master project below using the following template. New projects should be added above the old ones.

  • Master Student - Title (start date - [estimated] end date)
    • Add some description and maybe some links to relevant stuff here.
  • Geir Arild Byberg - Synthetic Aperture Radar processor on FPGA (2011-01.06.2012)
  • Lars Skaret - Replicating milling machine (2010 - 01.06.2011)
  • Akbar F. Moghaddam(Shahab) - Walloid, the climbing robot (01.03.2010 - 01.06.2011)
    • A climbing robot that can climb the walls and walk on the roof. The final aim of Walloid is to be a prototype for a real world model that can replace human workers, where it is too dangerous for mankind to operate. You can read more about this project at the project weblog.
  • Roger Stein Grading - Utvikling av system for sensorinnlesning og sensordatalanalyse til bruk i aktiv musikk.(2009-2010)
  • Elling Diesen - A Run-time Reconfigurable Video Processing System ( 2009 - 01.06.2010)
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