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Deepthought is a desktop computer that can be useful for simulation work. It is quite powerful and sports a GPU that can be used for deep learning experiments.


CPU Intel i7-6700k
GPU nVidia GTX 1080
SSD 450 GB


The computer runs default Ubuntu 16.04 with ROS installed. It can run docker containers.

Getting SSH access

In order to get SSH access you must first have a user on the machine. Once this is obtained you can log in, but only using RSA key exchange. Follow the steps below to enable this.

  1. Generate an SSH key with ssh-keygen
    1. This generates two files, a private and a public file. These can be use for asymmetric cryptography. In our case, the public part will be used to authenticate you on Deepthought.
  2. Copy the file with the .pub extension to Deepthought
    1. The file should be placed in your /home/username/.ssh/authorized_keys

You should now be able to login throught SSH.

If you have several SSH keys it can be wise to edit ~/.ssh/config on your own system adding Deepthought as a new entry:

IdentityFile ~/.ssh/key_file1
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