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laptops, offline-pc's, ubuntu, dual boot,...

When planning to install a PC or laptop with an unsupported OS, or outside the client network, there are a few things to notice:

1: Unsupported means unsupported
- You will be the only person to blame or ask for help
- When the PC breaks down, all data and configuration will be lost.
- You will have to find/buy and install everything you need yourself. 
- The sentence above goes for all software, even MS Word and Acrobat Reader.  
2: On Warranty means only that when something breaks, you may get a component replaced. 
- Having components replaced means that the machine will be reinstalled and all data is lost
- if you need to store data when faults occur that is Your job before handing in the machine. 
3: You are responsible for backing up Your own data. 
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