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  • Structure
    • If using the Ifi latex example thesis, do not use the content (divsion in parts, etc.)
    • The "nifty gadget" structure is a good starting point
  • Figures and tables
    • Reference in the text to all figures and tables
    • If figures are not self-explanatory, explain either in caption or in text. Do not duplicate the explanatory text.
    • Line-based figures should be included as vector graphics, and definitely not as low resolution images with compression artifacts.
    • Try to keep figure fonts/text about the same size as in the text
    • Do not copy-paste figures from other work, unless you have author/publisher consent (from same research group). If remaking a figure, refer to the original in the caption
    • Creative commons / similar. Can be used. E.g. flickr, wikimedia commons.
    • Figures should be centered and no text around

  • Grammar and spelling
    • Typos and grammar mistakes should be avoided, and one needs to actively work with this
      • Copy-paste to Word or similar for a grammar + syntax check. Only syntax checking is not sufficient
      • Have a human read through as well!
  • References
    • If you want to refer to a website without any specific document, one can include it in a footnote (as to not "spam" the reference list)
  • Introduction
    • Brief intro to the area (and problem)
    • Brief state-of-the-art in the research field
    • Move on to the challenge - what you are planning to do to fix this / why you want to do this
    • Research/thesis goals/questions (with sub-goals)
    • Outline / structure of the thesis (what you will do in each chapter)
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