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Meeting structure

Place: ROBIN pause area, 4th floor Ole-Johan Dahls hus / gather town

12:00-12:15 Brief exchange of recent news, plans, updates, etc.

~12:20-12:40 Presentation on: Technology / Own Research / Journal review (see guidelines), time excludes discussion

Whatever content you present, remember that some of those attending have no advance knowledge about your project or work so introduce it in the beginning and stay focused on the main issues/challenges etc. Thus, make your presentation simple and understandable for as many as possible.

Dates and subjects - Spring 2024 – Thursdays 12:15-13:00

5-20 min housekeeping/updates + 20 min talk

When What Who
18.01 Christmas decorations removal All present
25.01 Towards Sound Innovation Engines Using Pattern-Producing Networks and Audio Graphs [1] Björn Þór Jónsson
01.02 Python testbenches in FPGA/ Digital Design course Yngve Hafting
08.02 Round-table updates All present
15.02 UiO winter activity day [2] No ROBIN lunch meeting
22.02 Possible collaborations with Oslo-Met in energy aware AI hardware and real-time robotics Ali Muhtaroglu
29.02 Mechatronics course IN1080 Mats
07.03 Large Language Models applied to robot tasks (contact Jim for a copy of the presentation) Exchange student Maeda (Kyushu University)
14.03 Design through Growth Elias
21.03 Large Language Models used in research – a great or illegal tool? Interaction with intro from Jim
28.03 Easter Break --
04.04 Experiences at IRCAM Forum Workshops 2024: XR Music System and IRCAM tools/Projects Pedro Lucas
11.04 Work environment survey presentation Jim
18.04 Work environment survey follow-up AT 3PM Jim
25.04 Work at Graphcore and new startup: brua.io Arjun Chandra
02.05 Talk postponed (speaker sick) --
09.05 Ascension Day --
16.05 Planning to learn robot skills to better plan robot tasks Shin
23.05 New ways of doing teaching (and supervision) for university students Guest lecture by Dante Barone from UFRGS [3], Brazil (COINMAC partner)
30.05 Kai Olav Ellefsen
13.06 Unsupervised machine learning for data-driven classification of rock mass using drilling data Tom F. Hansen

Overview of earlier seminars

Examples of interesting topics for technology introduction

Feel free to add topics to the wishlist!

  • Robotics
    • Reinforcement learning for robotics
    • SLAM
    • embodied cognition
    • Swarm
  • Neural networks
    • Recursive NNs and LSTMs
    • NEAT / HyperNEAT
    • Deep NNs
  • Evolutionary algorithms and other types of optimization
    • Performance comparison of EAs (statistical tests)
    • Differential evolution
    • Diversity preservation methods
    • Novelty search, MAP-Elites and variants
    • Bayesian optimization
  • Tools
    • SLURM
    • R
    • Python as alternative to R, incl. matplotlib
    • ROS
    • Deep learning frameworks and practice
    • Unity ML agents
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