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All ROBIN servers requires that you are on the UiO network before logging in. That is- if you are not using a machine on the UiO client network, you will either have to establish VPN to UiO or use remote desktop to one of the login servers serviced by USIT or ifidrift to connect to our servers.

This machine has failed us for the last time (cannot be updated, hence buried)

Xilinx ISE/EDK/Vivado 14.2
questasim (replaces modelsim)

Xilinx ISE/EDK/Vivado 12.4, 14.1
questasim (replaces modelsim)

ifiserv 631

has several cuda cores on a nvida graphics card)

insight 8.1.1 (control center does not work)
Visual studio 2010
Visual studio 2012

for programs serviced by usit, please use either


for programs serviced by ifidrift only

  • (for employees)
  • (for students)
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