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Questa on LISP (2428)

Questa 2019.4 is installed* on all RHEL clients and servers at ifi. To launch Questa, go to Applications->Education-> Questa

Alternatively, you can find it by searching for apps (Super/Windows key):


Launch in terminal


Use the following command to launch Questa with GUI:


Font size

To change the font size in the text-editor edit the .modelsim file in your in e.g. nano. Find the variable textFontV2 and edit it to:

textFontV2 {Courier -12}

Modelsim on personal Windows computer

If you have a Windows computer, you can install Modelsim Student Edition. The application can be downloaded from Mentors website:

Click "Download Student Edition". You need to fill out this form with an email you can access. We recommend your UiO email address.

You will recieve an email from Mentor with a dowload link. This will download an installer for Modelsim. Open it and follow onscreen instructions. Take note of where you install Modelsim.

Once the download completes, the installer will direct you to a website with a new form.

Fill out this form, and use an email as recommended above. Specify "UiO" as your University and the other fields as appropriate. They will send you a licence file within 24 hours, often less. The email will also contain instructions to apply the licence. You will have to replace the licence that is already there.

Once the applied, find your Modelsim install directory, and open the file modelsim.ini in a text editor. Locate the line


Change this to


You need to do this to be able to compile VHDL 2008 code by default. VHDL 2008 is used by IN2060 and IN3160.

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