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All purchases we do must be done according to the Norwegian Law of Public purchases, UIO guidelines and routines. . Here i will list some basics of this process, in order to help those wanting to purchase something to decide on Method and what you can do yourself in the process.

Basic principle of purchases

  • All purchases on UiO have to be approved by someone with the BDM role "Budsjettdisponeringsmyndighet";
    • BDM in ifi is our Chief of Offices (Cecilie) and the Head of the Department (Ellen).
    • Normally approval is granted before the purchase.
  • All purchases need to be funded on a Budget or project
    • All budgets and project have a (six digit) code
  • Purchases should normally be done by a Purchaser (Yngve, Mats)
  • Purchases should normally be done using the purchasing system.
  • We are obliged to use standing agreements for UIO ("Rammeavtaler") whenever they apply.
    • Certified purchasers (at least) have access to the list of agreements: [1]
  • UIO does not normally pay in advance
    • Basically UIO need net30 terms, handling invoices is a slow and complex task.
  • We are bound to keep track of all goods received

The ideal purchase in the UIO system is performed by a purchaser using the purchase system towards a supplier that has their catalog connected to our purchasing system. When the purchaser or "rekvirent" has filled in the requisition it is sent through the system to BDM, which approves the purchase and so the purchase order goes back to the purchaser which then can perform the purchase using the system.

Normal purchases for ROBIN is not governed by Rammeavtaler, except for computers and computer equipment.

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