Progress for week 6 (2020)

Fra Robin

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This week's news

  • Har fått hjelp av Ulysse og kan nå hente ut EMG data i Unity.



  • new behaviour descriptor implemented - last position
    • the results are more promissing - 4 evolution processes generated same walking gait, low crawling ( this needs modification on fitness function )
    • Needs longer evaluation for each genome to be effective
  • Vanila NEAT - generates very uncoordinated and unstable gaits
  • Tested some closed loop control scheme - setting its foot pattern or current joint angle as input to the network ( Risi uses current joint angle of upper joints )
    • The results are mostly devastating - systems converging to stable state ( not moving at all ) after few iterations.
    • This used to work okay with MultiNEAT's CTRNN - perhaps there are some difference in implementation in neat-python
  • Implementing MOEA
    • Tested Pareto front selection scheme on novelty archive ( currently limiting number of individuals since computation time increases exponentially )
    • The results doesn't seem very different from before
    • Will implement this for NEAT reproduction process
  • All experiments are recording git sha in the logger so that it can be regenerated later on


  • Finish implementing MOEA in population reproduction process
  • Create some graphs from recent experiments



Prøve på mobile robot med 2 ledd. (ikke 4 DOF)


Hvordan kan dette på best muligvis overføres til vinkel/vinkelhastighet? theta = w*f(x) + w*g(x) + ... hvor da f(x) og g(x) er motion-features kurver pluss mange i tillegg


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