Progress for week 6 (2019)

Fra Robin

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Anders Rønningstad


  • Start writing introduction chapter
  • Find a good way to finish the updated drone.

Malin Aandahl


  • Do more experiment on testing different discount on sizes and compare
  • Decide how to deal with position
  • Lifetime learning in Revolve
    • Where to be implemented

Wonho Lee


  • Writing
    • Continue writing on NEAT
    • Draft table of contents for essay
  • Reading
    • more input on NN-based CPGs - capable of dynamic gait/locomotion transition?


  • Writing
    • Started on CPG - bullet points
    • Draft on table of contents
# Introduction
# Adaptive Behavior
## CPG
# NeuroEvolution
## ANN
## EA
### NEAT
### HyperNEAT
  • Reading
    • started on Neural bases of goal-directed locomotion in vertebrates—An overview - CPG analysis from neurology perspective too much field specific terms/concepts, may get some insights on evolving primitive CPG to complex ( lamprey to mammalian )
    • Central pattern generator and feedforward neural network-based self-adaptive gait control for a crab-like robot locomoting on complex terrain under two reflex mechanisms - system of diff.eq based cpgs with coupled NN to map the signal to joint angles

David Kolden


  • Write implementation chapter


  • Wrote everything related to pose estimation
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