Progress for week 5 (2019)

Fra Robin

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David Kolden


  • Finish background
    • (Pose Estimation)
    • Robot Control
  • Write about tools and frameworks

Malin Aandahl


  • Test fitness function against
    • Size of the robot(smaller robot is better)
    • Position
  • Lifetime learning in Revolve
    • Where to be implemented
    • Find benchmarks to compare against current solution

Anders Rønningstad


  • Continue on swarm method
    • Implement an updated "smarter" drone.
  • Continue writing about the methods i have implemented.


  • Almost done with updating the drone.
  • Started writing about response threshold.

Wonho Lee


  • Writing
    • Plan the writing - which concepts/subjects should be covered, in what order?
    • Start writing on most comfortable subject - evolutionary algorithm, NEAT
  • Reading
    • Continue reading on CPGs - (Ijspeert A, 2008), (Sproewitz A et al, 2008)
    • Reading on review articles - (Silva F et al, 2016), (Husbands P et al, 2014)
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