Progress for week 3 (2019)

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David Kolden


  • Start to write thesis:
    • Draft introduction
    • Background
      • Computer Vision
      • Robot Control
    • Tools
    • Implementation


  • Wrote introduction draft
  • Soon finished on computer vision background (probably finished by this week)

Malin Aandahl


  • Modified script that compares different runs on EA and looked closer on how Revolve works.
  • A bit closer on the Docker thing, but still have issues on installing Gazebo.
  • Working on finding the position of the robot, and change to take the position to be from the back instead of the front.


  • Write about Revolve in the thesis to understand how it works better.
  • Lifetime learning in Revolve
    • Where to be implemented
    • Find benchmarks to compare against current solution
  • Change position to be the back instead of the front and evaluate.
  • Decide if it is valuable to use time on Docker to install Gazebo

Anders Rønningstad


  • Write disposition
  • Write about mathematical optimization.
  • Start implementing the swarm method.


  • Started on the swarm method.
    • Implemented how comunication range will be simulated.
  • Almost done writing disposition.
  • Written som thoughts regarding mathematical optimization and how i have implemeted it.
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