Progress for week 23 (2021)

Fra Robin

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Martin H. Olsen


  • Kickstart my writing.
    • Write atleast 1 hour a day
    • Finish the encoding section in experimental setup
  • Get hpc running, fix issue with threads missng arg --output.
    • Maybe freeze support or make thread pipeline?


  • Writing progress, but haven't completed the encoding chapter.
    • Want results + completed methods for easier writing direction
  • Fixed problem with code, parser overlap.

Saifurahman Noori


  • Run an elitist selection to see why I get these drops in fitness


  • Different results with same random seed so tried debugging
    • Checked every action, gene etc even removed mutation but different results. Difference got bigger with larger steps
    • My reset function was not a hard reset for the simulator, needed to use resetSim for it to hard reset.
  • After finding reference/copy best genome issue I managed to get an elitism selection operator with graphs
  • Ran algorithm again to find best sigma and symmetry
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