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Weekly status meetings

How to use this page

This page is meant for master students in the ROBIN group to track progress. We believe it is indeed very useful for yourself to have such an overview, and not the least to think concretely about progress in this way already from the start. Also, it helps supervisors providing a better and more to the point supervision.

We have divided progress for each student into two parts, which we refer to as budgeting and accounting. Budgeting is then simply the plans written up ahead, while accounting is the list of what was indeed done when going through this afterwards. Some students also divide between visible and invisible progress. The points with this would be to become more aware of any important progress being made which is not really measurable. As an example, writing a page of text is very visible progress, while determining how to approach a task is just as important, but as it does not provide visible results one can easily feel that nothing has been done or gained.

At the start of every week, you should first go into the entry for the previous week and fill in the accounting part (ideally you would already have done this at the end of the previous week). Then, you go into the coming week and write budget for this week (this can of course also be done the week before if you prefer).

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