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The Motion Capture lab is ROBINs main lab for conducting HW experiments in real time. The lab is equipped with software and sensors in the ceiling to track objects in 3D. It is important to keep the floor clutter free so researchers and students can conduct their activities.

Access and booking

From September 2021 we use UiOs calendar system to book the MoCap lab. If you are unfamiliar with booking, please see UiO's booking guidelines (name in calendar:"OJD: LAB 4303"). Please don't book the room for more time than you actually need.
Booking 4303
You can see the current schedule on 4303

If you don't have access to the lab and access is required, send an mail to, stating why you require access and who your supervisor is.

[=GA&building[]=GA06&id[]=exchangeEXPROD.UIO.NO%2FROOMS%2FGA064303&lang=en Schedule]

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