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The shared area on Bifrost

This information is now obsolete. We are now using Dropbox for sharing files. Please contact Trenton if you need access. This information is still here for historical reference or in the case things backfire.

Bifrost is a file server run by IFI-drift. It is available as a standard network share on Windows and MacOS. Access outside of UiO should via VPN, Remote Desktop or via secure shell (ssh). We'll cover the access methods and then the general layout of the bifrost area. Unfortunately, outside the network also means that eduroam doesn't work either.

Paths to access Bifrost

The URL to access bifrost is


on Windows or


On MacOS or other Unix-like operating systems.

If you are logged into via ssh, you can also access the project area using the path:


or it's full path:


Enterprising people who can access via ssh can also access it via sshfs, but that is left as an exercise to the reader.

Read and write permissions on Bifrost

By default, everyone at IFI has read access to this area! That is, anyone who has a IFI-login could see what's in the path. This was an intentional decision. So, work with a rule of thumb that anything you put in this drive area could be seen by any of your colleagues at IFI.

If you want write access to the files, you have need to belong to the ifi-mecs group. Contact Trenton to be added. This can usually be sorted within the day.

See other topics in the MECS Handbok.

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