MasterProjects III

Fra Robin

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  • Jim Tørresen


  • Adrian Sontum: Musical interaction and sensation in spatial computing (RITMO)
  • Bård-Kristian Krohg: Recognize Human Body Parts in Depth Images (MECS)
  • Endre Wollan: Analysing inter-cranial electrode responses to sound stimuli with deviations (RITMO)
  • Jakub Kozlowski: Deep Learning for autonomous gas sample taking (ABB project)
  • Knut Joar Strømmen: Classifying Collected Sensor Data for Bipolar Disorder Prediction (INTROMAT)
  • Peter Nordstein: Predictive and Alert Systems (RITMO)
  • Ragnar Evensen: Embedded time synchronization (partly RITMO)
  • Stein Robert Olsen: Future Video Frame Synthesis: Extending Deep Voxel Flow With Adversarial Training (Cisco project)



  • Fellesmøter ca. hver 14 dag, fredager kl 10:00-11:00, se planen under
  • Individuelle samtaler ved behov inn i mellom

Progress and meeting plans

Individual project pages

You are free to put whatever content you find useful at these "arbeid" pages. Use it to collect information for you own sake, and to have information available for supervisors or other potential collaborators in case it becomes relevant.


Master project assessment

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