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The MECS Handbook


This handbook should provide the basics to getting started in working with MECS. The idea is to put everything here that we feel a new person needs to know when they start the project. If there is something here that is missing, please add it.

Conventions used

To provide some consistency, we try to use the following convertions.

Items that are terms will be presented in italics.

Items on the command-line will be shown in their own environment (as shown below). Commands to be entered by a normal user will start with a dollar sign ($). The hash mark (#) will indicate if the command needs to be run as an administrator.

$ A command. 
$ Another command.
# Command needed to be run by an administrator (or root)

For items that can only be done via the a GUI, we will try to lead the way with figures.

Handbook overview

This handbook does not need to be read in a particular order. This is a quick summary of the different chapters, so you know where to look for things.

What you are reading right now.
About MECS
A short summary of the ◊|mecs| project and what we are working on.
Sharing Data
This chapter describes how we access the different data and information about how to access it, including the holes.
Logo use
Information on logo use.
Personlige verktøy