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For typesetting in latex on a local machine, choosing a LaTeX editor to one's own liking is important. Besides the visual appereance, functionality support such as cross-platform, text completion or spelling could be a crucial property in making that decision. Here are some choices:

  • Visual studio code with latex extension (e.g. latex workshop)
  • notepad++ og latexmk (med miktex på windows)
    • latexmk -pdf -pvc minmaster
    • kan være greit å ha teksten i git e.l. versjonskontroll
    • sumatrapdf kan være grei siden den ikke låser dokumentet, og husker hvor du var
    • when working with large documents, like an msc thesis, separate the individual chapters in files and \include{} them when working on them to improve compile times
  • TeXstudio (fork of Texmaker)
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