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Cleaning the mirror and the lens: 1. Turn off X/Y motors. 2. Move the motors to the middle to enable easy access. 3. Unscrew the mirror and the lens. 4. Apply one drop of cleansing fluid on each of them. 5. Use the microfiber cloth to clean the mirror and the lens. 6. Screw the parts back on the head (finger tight is sufficient). 7. Move the head back to X/Y zeropoint, before pressing "GO". Repeat this procedure after using the laser cutter.

Emptying the beds trey. If the bed is full of foreign object, please empty it before cutting.

Adjust focus on lens. 1. Lay the work piece on the bed. 2. Unfold the spacing adjustment pin. 3. Move the Z axis up/down until the spacing adjustment pin barely touches the work piece.

Setup in inDesign

1. Adjust the document size to width:406mm and height:305mm. 2. Set the zero point to top-left corner of the document. 3.


Make sure that you are utilizing a material that is compatible with laser cutting. Talk to the engineer in ROBIN or in SONEN if you are uncertain.

The proper settings are listed in a table that can be found in the lab.

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