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Research Journals for Review

The idea of the journal review is to learn about relevant work/papers many otherwise would miss. In the robin meeting, everybody is encouraged to do a journal review as a part of their technology presentation. That is, look through the last issues (last half year or the new issues since you last reviewed) of one or a few chosen journals. The task is to spot papers that you think might be relevant to people in the group.

You prepare 1-5 slides per paper to summarize the content at the meeting. Only the key idea in the paper is of interest. Details should be left to further reading by those interested. Thus, provide access to the papers by pdf to the other people (send them by e-mail if not too large).


To find the level (nivå) assigend by NSD use:

To find impact factor use:

List of research journals relevant for review in Robin group meeting (feel free to add new ones):

General Interest

Title Publisher Reviewer Impact Level (NSD-nivå)
Communications of the ACM ACM 2
Proceedings of IEEE IEEE 2
Science 2
New Scientist 1
PNAS (Proc. of the National Academy of Sciences USA) 9.74 (2012) 2
PLOS ONE Public Library of Science Kyrre 3.73 (2012) 1
PLOS Computational Biology Public Library of Science Kyrre 4.87 (2012) 2
Collective Intelligence SAGE/ACM new

Bio-inspired computing/machine learning

Title Publisher Reviewer Impact Level (NSD)
IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence IEEE  ?
IEEE Trans on Evolutionary Computation IEEE 2
Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines Springer 1
Memetic Computing Springer
Evolutionary Intelligence Springer
Evolutionary Computing MIT Press
Evolutionary Computing MIT Press
Neural Computation MIT Press
IEEE Trans. on Patt. Analysis and Machine Intelligence IEEE
Journal of Machine Learning Research
IEEE Trans. on emerging topics in CI IEEE
Swarm Intelligence Springer Kyrre 3.1 (2016) 1
Swarm and Evolutionary Computation Elsevier Kyrre 3.9 (2016) 1


"web resource" should rather be embedded in the title, see above

Title Publisher Reviewer Web resource
Select from
ACM Multimedia ACM
ACM Interactions ACM Ståle
Computer Music Journal MIT Press Kristian

Reconfigurable logic

Title Publisher Reviewer Web resource
ACM Trans. on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems (TRETS) ACM
International Journal of Reconfigurable Computing Hindawi


check this page

Title Publisher Reviewer Web resource Impact Level (nivå
Frontiers in Evolutionary Robotics Frontiers N/A 1
The International Journal of Robotics Research SAGE 4.095 1
IEEE Trans on Robotics IEEE 3.063 2
IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine IEEE Kyrre 2.0 1
Autonomous Robots Springer 2.19 1
Robotica Cambridge Press 0.939 1
Intelligent Service Robotics Springer unknown -
Artificial Life and Robotics Springer Kyrre unknown -
Intelligent and Robotic Systems Springer Kyrre 0.76 1
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics IEEE Gordon - 1-2
Advanced Robotics Taylor & Francis 0.653 1
Real-Time Systems Springer 0.796 1
Journal of Robotics Hindawi - 1
Paladyn - Journal of Behavioral Robotics Springer - 1
Robotics and Autonomous Systems Elsevier 1.105 1
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems InTech 0.497 1
ROBOMECH Journal SpringerOpen not registered

Medical Applications and Robotics

Title Publisher Reviewer Web resource Impact Level (Nivå)
The International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery Wiley 1.257 1
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering IEEE 2.233 1
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Elsevier 1.568 2
Journal of Robotic Surgery Springer - 0 (?)
International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery Springer 1.364 1
International Journal of Biomechatronics and Biomedical Robotics Inderscience - 0
Journal of Medical Devices ASME - 0
Biomedical Robotics Frontiers - 0

More comprehensive lists of journals from publishers

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