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Editing help

For more information see the Mediawiki Editing Help page.

Text Formatting Markup

Paragraphs are separated with an empty line, normal linebreakes can be forced with <br/>. Some html are allowed.

Markup Look
''italic'' italic
'''bold''' bold
'''''bold italic''''' bold italic
<nowiki>Escaped ''markup''</nowiki> Escaped ''markup''
<code> block of code </code> block of code
<div> div </div>
<span> span </span> span
<tt> teletype </tt> teletype
== Level 1 ==

Level 1

=== Level 2 ===

Level 2

==== Level 3 ====

Level 3

===== Level 4 =====
Level 4
====== Level 5 ======
Level 5

* One
** Two
*** Three

  • One
    • Two
      • Three

# One
## Two
### Three

  1. One
    1. Two
      1. Three

* One
*# Two
*#* Three

  • One
    1. Two
      • Three

; term
: definition
: definition


  Preformatted text with
  one space at the beginning
  of each line

Preformatted text with
one space at the beginning
of each line


Description Markup Look
Internal link [[Main Page]] Main Page
Piped link [[Main Page|different text]] different text
Anchor link [[#Linking|Anchor link]] Anchor link
External link http://mediawiki.org http://mediawiki.org
External link, w/title [http://mediawiki.org MediaWiki] MediaWiki
External link, unnamed [http://mediawiki.org] [1]
External link, same host [http://{{SERVERNAME}}/pagename] [2]
Interwiki link [[Wikipedia:MediaWiki]] Wikipedia:MediaWiki
mailto mailto:info@example.org mailto:info@example.org
mailto unnamed [mailto:info@example.org] [3]
mailto named [mailto:info@example.org info] info
redirect #REDIRECT [[Main Page]] Main Page


Single images

Description Markup Look
Image [[Image:Example.png]] Image:Example.png
Image description page [[:Image:Example.png]] Image:Example.png
Direct link [[Media:Example.png]] Media:Example.png
Image w/alt [[Image:Example.png|A dog]] A dog
Direct w/alt [[Media:Example.png|A dog]] A dog
Resized image [[Image:Example.png|100px]]
Thumbnail image [[Image:Example.png|thumb|30px|A dog]]
A dog
Framed image [[Image:Example.png|frame|A dog]]
A dog
Image left [[Image:Example.png|left]] text text text
text text text
Image center text [[Image:Example.png|center]] text text text text
text text text
Image right text [[Image:Example.png|right]] text text text text
text text text
Image none text [[Image:Example.png|none]] text text text text
text text text

Image galleries

You can also make a gallert of images like this:

Image:Example.png|A dog
Image:Example.png|One more dog
Image:Example.png|Another one


For more information on tables see Help:Tables on MediaWiki.

Markup Description
{| Start of table
|+ Table caption
|- New table row
! Start of header cell (use !! to start a new cell on same line)
| Start of normal cell (use || to start a new cell on same line)
|} End of table

You can add all kinds of XHTML attributes to the table, just add them after the table markup and separate them from the content with a single |.

{| border="1"
|+ Caption
! Header1
! Header2
| colspan="2" align="center" | ''span''
| Cell 1 || Cell 2
| Cell 3
| Cell 4

Header1 Header2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Cell 3 Cell 4


To add a page to a category, add one or more category-spesifications on the page.

The name of the category you want to add this page to
The title under which to sort this page in the category list. {{PAGENAME}} may be a useful value for {Sort}.


There are a lot of substitutions you can use in pages to get dynamic content, or use for shotcuts. Some of them are described below.


See Help:Variables on MediaWiki for a list of variables. Some useful ones are found in the table below.

Name Value
{{PAGENAME}} Hvordan redigere
{{SERVERNAME}} robin.wiki.ifi.uio.no
{{SITENAME}} Robin


Templates are used much like Variables above, but their definition is in pages under the Template prefix. See Help:Templates on MediaWiki for more info. There are three ways of invoking them:

Markup Description
{{Name}} Includes the value of [[Template:Name]] when page is displayed
{{subst:Name}} Includes value of [[Template:Name]] when you save the text
{{msgnw:Name}} Includes [[Template:Name]] in raw wiki syntax, like <nowiki> does

Templates can have parameters, either numbered (referenced as {{{3}}}) or named (referenced as {{{name}}}). To pass parameters to a template, you separate them with |.

Markup Description
{{template|param1|param2}} Template with numbered parameters
{{template|name1=value1|name2=value2}} Template with named parameters

You can control what parts of a template page is included with the following tags.

Markup Description
<noinclude>...</noinclude> Text is only shown when viewing the template page, not when included
<includeonly>...</includeonly> Only the text within is used when the template page is included

Magic Words and Parser Functions

There are also a lot of parser functions, like conditionals, that can be useful when writing templates, se the list of pages below for more information.

There are also a few Magic words that control page elements like TOCs and edit links.

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