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FPGA tools on LISP (2428)

Vivado and Vitis is installed locally on the computers in LISP. To launch Vivado go to Applications->Education-> Vivado

Alternatively, you can find it by searching for apps (Windows key):


Launch in terminal

Launching the applications is done by entering the following commands in the terminal:

Questa with GUI:


Vivado with GUI:


Vlog (terminal only):


Vcom (terminal only):



<command> -h

FPGA tools via share on Linux

First time initialization

If you need to use Xilinx' software other places than the RHEL7 machines at LISP, utilize the following guide:

nano .bashrc

Append the following lines to the end of the .bashrc file:

# Questa 10.6c
export LM_LICENSE_FILE=5370@lisens.ifi.uio.no
export PATH=$PATH:/projects/nanus/eda/Mentor/2017_2018/Questa/questasim/bin

# Modelsim library 
export MODELSIM=/projects/robin/CADlib/modelsimCADLIB.ini

# Vivado 2019.1 64-bit version
if ! [ -x "$(command -v vivado)" ]; then
  source /projects/robin/programs/Vivado/2019.1/settings64.sh
  export PATH=$PATH:/projects/robin/programs/Vivado/2019.1/bin

After you have added the latter and saved the .bashrc file, restart the terminal or 'source' the .bashrc file.

Other versions

If needed, you can also make use of older or newer versions of the Xilinx products. As of January 2020, we have 2016.4, 2019.1 and 2019.2 available.

Digilent Adept on Linux

Digilent Adept to program the Atlys board can be obtained from the Digilent website.

Note that some Xilinx scripts require GNU BASH. Ubuntu (and possibly others) come with DASH. Disable DASH by reconfiguring it:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash

Note that the tools available on Windows, such as Xilinx ISE/PlanAhead and Modelsim are not supported by drift on Linux.

To enable autocompletion and history in XMD:

rlwrap xmd

License server

Licenses can be checked out from lisens.ifi.uio.no:

export LM_LICENSE_FILE=5370@lisens.ifi.uio.no

On Windows:

setx LM_LICENSE_FILE 5370@lisens.ifi.uio.no

Academic Xilinx FPGA tools

Python interface to Xilinx/EDK MHS: https://github.com/EPiCS/reconos/tree/master/tools

Bitstream Intepretation Library (Virtex5): https://github.com/florianbenz/bil

DeBit: http://code.google.com/p/debit/

TORC: http://torc-isi.sourceforge.net/

ReconOS: http://www.reconos.de

Having problems?

If you are having problems running the tools as mentioned, please ask a group teacher or send an mail to: robin-engineer at ifi.uio.no.

"command not found" => Not running .bashrc?

When running ssh from another linux system or Mac, it is possible that only .bash_profile is read, not .bashrc. This will typically lead to "command not found" when trying to launch vsim or any other program that should have been found in the path. This can be further confirmed by listing PATH or the MODELSIM variable

>>echo $PATH
>>echo $MODELSIM

to ensure that the .bashrc is run when opening a new xterm or ssh'ing into a new server, append the following to your .bash_profile:

if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
  source ~/.bashrc

You can also manually source .bashrc and then open a new xterm that can use vsim

>>source ~/.bashrc
>>xterm &

This last solution will of course be a one-time only approach, since it doesn't change any configuration file.

Here is an article on how it became two configuration files rather than just one: www.joshstaiger.org/archives/2005/07/bash_profile_vs.html

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