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FPGA tools on Windows

Vivado 2015.2 is situated on //bifrost/project0/robin/CADlib/2015/vivado it can be accessed from any Windows machine, but it does need to have the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable set to 5370@lisens.ifi.uio.no

Vivado, ISE and questa is currently situated on ifiserv-854.ifi.uio.no, and LISP (2428) Please notify the engineer in ROBIN if there are issues.

FPGA tools on Linux

3430-installation 2015


older installations


Starting a terminal window with tools available

First time initialization 3430-2015

>cd ~

Note: This will create the folder "3430-tools" from your current folder and copy files to it. You may alter these files for your own purposes later.


>cd 3430-tools
> ./run 

This will open a new terminal having the required environment set. vsim and vivado may be run from the new terminal if started properly.

Note that it is required to do the ./run from the correct folder.

First time initialization FPGAtools (old)

>cd ~
>mkdir fpgatools
>cd fpgatools/

Note that when starting using run, you get an xterm with .bash_fpgatools (invisible when using ls-l) as source. Since spring 2012, we have moved the license file to tollheimtu from pordoi. The .bash_fpgatools will need to be upgraded either manually or by doing the initialization over again.


>cd ~/fpgatools

Use the new xterm window that pops up to start the FPGA tool you like. Paths to all the major components should be ready in the new xterm.

To start Modelsim type vsim
To start Xilinx (ISE) type ise 
To start PlanAhead type planAhead

Digilent Adept on Linux

Digilent Adept to program the Atlys board can be obtained from the Digilent website.

Note that some Xilinx scripts require GNU BASH. Ubuntu (and possibly others) come with DASH. Disable DASH by reconfiguring it:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash

Note that the tools available on Windows, such as Xilinx ISE/PlanAhead and Modelsim are not supported by drift on Linux.

To enable autocompletion and history in XMD:

rlwrap xmd

License server

Licenses can be checked out from lisens.ifi.uio.no:

export LM_LICENSE_FILE=5370@lisens.ifi.uio.no

On Windows:

setx LM_LICENSE_FILE 5370@lisens.ifi.uio.no

Robin Peripheral Repository

The ROBIN EDK repository is located at:


It contains BSP for the Spartan3 Starter Board.

Set "Project Peripheral Reposotory Search Path" in XPS to enable it.

Academic Xilinx FPGA tools

Python interface to Xilinx/EDK MHS: https://github.com/EPiCS/reconos/tree/master/tools

XDL Format description: http://www.mn.uio.no/ifi/english/research/projects/cosrecos/publications/paper/recosoc11beckhoff.pdf

Bitstream Intepretation Library (Virtex5): https://github.com/florianbenz/bil

DeBit: http://code.google.com/p/debit/

GoAhead: http://www.mn.uio.no/ifi/english/research/projects/cosrecos/goahead/

Creating Hard Macros (guide): http://wiki.eng.iastate.edu/reconfigurable-computing-wiki/index.php/Creating_Hard_Macros

TORC: http://torc-isi.sourceforge.net/

ReconOS: https://github.com/EPiCS/reconos

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