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Dyret is a four legged robot created by Tønnes Nygård. The robot is primarily designed for usage within the EPEC project to explore self-modeling and morphological change.

Dyret v1.0



Ask Tønnes (tonnesfn@ifi.uio.no) for info

Uses actuatorBoard


The first version of Dyret consist(ed) of 12 actuators, three for each leg. Each actuator is independently actuated and supports position set-points with configurable PID controllers.


TODO: Describe new extendomatic legs here.


Dyret is integrated with ROS, which means that the hardware and software is setup to function identically which hopefully makes transitions easier.


Dyret consist of two common packages that talk to either a simulator or the real hardware.


This package describes the message and services that can be used with Dyret.

TODO: Add description of messages, services.


This package is setup to include common functions that could be needed when working with Dyret. Some of the content is meant for simulation while other is meant for simulation. The package is mostly a compilation of "extra" functionality that should be shared among different users of Dyret.


Simulation for Dyret is done in Gazebo which is the default simulator for most ROS programs. An introduction to simulation with Dyret is given here.

Dyret simulated
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