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|    || YES?  ||    || YES || YES
|    || YES?  ||    || YES || YES
|[ ECAL] || Artificial Life, ECo  
|[ ECAL] || Artificial Life, ECo  
| April, 2017 || 4.09.2017 || Lyon, France
| April, 2017 || 4.09.2017 || Lyon, France
|    ||    ||     || YES || YES
|    ||    || YES || YES || YES
|[ SEAL] || Simulated Evolution And Learning, ICo
|[ SEAL] || Simulated Evolution And Learning, ICo

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This page summarizes conferences which could be of interest

Conference Full name Deadline When Where AHW EHW EC ERL E/A-Life
HRI Human-Robot Interaction, ICo 03.10.2016 06.03.2017 Vienna, Austria YES YES
SII International Symposium on System Integration 29.07.2016 13.12.2016 Sapporo, JP YES
ICES Evolvable Systems, IEEE ICo (part of SSCI) 18.07.2016 6.12.2016 Athens YES YES YES? YES YES
WAFR International Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics, Springer 08.07.2016 18.12.2016 San Francisco, US YES
MFI Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems, ICo 21.05.2016 19.09.2016 Baden, DE YES
PPSN Parallel Problem Solving from Nature, ICo 04.04.2016 17.09.2016 Edinburgh, UK YES YES YES YES
SAB Simulation of Adaptive Behavior, ICo 21.03.2016 24.08.2016 Aberystwyth, UK YES YES
ALIA Artificial Life and Intelligent Agents, ISo 04.03.2016 14.07.2016 Birmingham, UK YES YES YES
IROS Intelligent Robots and Systems, IEEE/RSJ ICo 01.03.2016 09.10.2016 Daejon, Korea YES
ALIFE Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems, ICo 14.02.2016 04.07.2016 Cancun YES YES
GECCO Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 27.01.2016 20.07.2016 Denver, CO YES YES YES YES
WCCI Computational Intelligence, IEEE WCo 15.01.2016 25.07.2016 Vancouver YES YES YES
AROB Artificial Life and Robotics, ISo 26.10.2015 20.01.2016 Beppu, Japan YES YES YES
ICSR Social Robotics, ICo 01.06.2015 26.10.2015 Paris, France YES
SWARM Swarm Behavior and Bio-Inspired Robotics, ISo 01.05.2015 28.10.2015 Kyoto, Japan YES YES
IPCAT Information Processing in Cells and Tissues, ICo 23.03.2015 14.09.2015 San Diego, USA YES? YES YES
ECAL Artificial Life, ECo April, 2017 4.09.2017 Lyon, France YES YES YES
SEAL Simulated Evolution And Learning, ICo 14.07.2014 15.12.2014 New Zealand YES YES YES
ViPES Virtual Prototyping of Parallel and Embedded Systems 18.05.2014 00.12.2013 Arizona, US YES
ICDL/EpiRob Development and Learning and on Epigenetic Robotics, IEEE ICo 30.04.2014 13.10.2014 Genoa, Italy YES YES?
TAROS Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems 21.04.2014 01.09.2014 Birmingham, England YES
ICINCO Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, ICo 15.04.2014 01.09.2014 Vienna, Austria YES YES
FPL Field Programmable Logic and Applications, ICo 28.03.2014 02.09.2014 Munich YES
ASAP Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors, IEEE 7.02.2014 18.06.2014 Zurich, Switzerland YES
AHS Adaptive Hardware and Systems, NASA/ESA Co 24.01.2014 14.07.2014 Leicester YES YES YES
FCCM Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines, IEEE ISo 10.01.2014 11.05.2014 Boston YES
HCW Heterogeneity in Computing Workshop 20.12.2013 19.05.2014 Arizona YES YES
RAW Reconfigurable Architectures Workshop 15.12.2013 18.05.2014 Arizona, US YES
Evostar Evo* 01.11.2013 23.04.2014 Granada, Spain YES YES YES
Adapt Adaptive Self-tuning Computing Systems, HiPEAC 11.10.2013 22.01.2014 Vienna YES YES
FPGA Field-Programmable Gate Arrays, ISo 20.09.2013 26.02.2014 Monterey, California YES YES?
ICRA Robotics and Automation, IEEE ICo 17.09.2013 06.05.2013 Karlsruhe, Germany YES
ARCS Architecture of Computing Systems, ICo 15.09.2013 25.02.2014 Luebeck, Germany YES
HiPEAC High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation, ACM 14.07.2013 22.01.2014 Vienna YES YES YES YES
FPT Field-Programmable Technology, ICo 08.06.2013 09.12.2013 Kyoto, Japan YES YES?
ReCoSoC Reconfigurable Communication-centric Systems-on-Chip 26.04.2013 10.07.2013 Darmstadt YES YES
HEART Highly Efficient Accelerators and Reconfigurable Technologies, ISo 18.02.2013 13.06.2013 Edinburgh YES YES
DDECS Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems 08.01.2013 08.04.2013 Karlovy Vary YES YES?
ARC Applied Reconfigurable Computing, ISo 02.11.2012 25.03.2013 Los Angeles, US YES YES
ReConFig Reconfigurable Computing and FPGAs, ICo 19.07.2013 09.12.2013 Cancun YES YES
AHW Adaptive Hardware
EHW Evolutionary Hardware
EC Evolutionary Computation
ERL (Evolutionary) Robotics and Machine learning
ICo International Conference on
ISo International Symposium on

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