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Rune A. Magnussen

Description of master project

Path planning based on behavior observations

Usually, path planning for mobile robots has only concerned itself with external agents such as humans or other machines as dynamic obstacles that are to be avoided. However, other agents moving through the same environment may also hold useful information about good paths through it.

In this project, the student would investigate one or more ways in which observed movement behavior (either real or simulated) can be exploited for path-planning purposes such as path-planning strategies based on observing common movement patterns, and path-planning with dynamic obstacle avoidance (movement prediction). The project would include

* Investigation into provious research on robotics, path-planning and behavior learning/prediction, and then writing an essay on the topics.
* Planning and implementation of one or more behavior-based path-planning methods
* Planning and implementation of suitable experiments to test these methods, in real life or in some kind of simulation.


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