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Fredrik Sævland

M.Sc Robotikk og Intelligente Systemer,

Thesis: Optimizing and adapting gait pattern of a legged robot

I'm using an EA to evolve and adapt a legged robot (e.g Arachna, Quadratot) to different environments by changing the gait pattern based on what type of terrain it is currently walking on.

More updates will follow.

Progress plan:

  • October through December
    • Essay and progress plan
    • Set up Evorob, Gazebo and possibly other sim-platforms, and figure out which one to use
    • By this month I should have decided upon a simulator to use. Experiment with this platform
    • Do further research on IT&E and The Transferability Approach, and work on implementation
    • Start work on implementation, the simulator and robot should be able to work together in some form by now
  • January
    • Have GA implemented and most of IT&E ready
  • February
    • Write some of the implementation-part of the thesis
    • Start gathering the test-results
    • Finish the implementation-part
  • March
    • Write about the experiments
  • April
    • Finish up the thesis


The implementation of this master thesis is done in C++ using a set of frameworks called Robdyn and Sferes2.


Robdyn is a simple C++ wrapper around ODE <ref>OpenDynamicsEngine</ref> and OSG <ref>OpenSceneGraph</ref> which makes a nice basis for simulating robots


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