Software for the Nao platform

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All this software is for the NAO Atom, i.e. V4 or newer.

Installation guides for Windows

  • Choreographe Software Suite - easiest way to create programs. Can run the programs directly on the robot, on a robot in its own simulator as well as in the Webots simulator. See the guide further down.
  • Python SDK - a more powerful way to create programs, full access to the API.
  • C++ SDK - as Python, but much faster, as it is a compiled language. The easiest way is to run the programs on the robot is remotely through the network. The other way is to compile it for the robot OS (NAOqi OS), but this cross-compilation needs to be done on Linux or Mac.

Guide for using Choreographe together with Webots for Nao

Following one of these guides makes you able to create the behaviour of the robot in Choreographe, and run the simulation in Webots:

Download links for Windows, Linux and Mac

For the newest versions, see this link (needs registration).

Personlige verktøy