Progress for week 9 (2021)

Fra Robin

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Martin H. Olsen


  • Do runs with higher mutation on map-elites
  • Parallelize map-elites
  • Do runs on cluster


  • Tested with different mutation rates on map-elites direct
    • Still only gives one solution
  • Parallelized map
    • Haven't really seen a massive speed up so I'm unsure wether it worked or not

Saifurahman Noori


  • Debugging
    • Why the robot moves weirdly
  • Continue on thesis


  • Checked out the flow of genome in code
    • time_step was incrementing every genome value
    • I was never resetting time_step, this should have been done every episode.
  • Thesis
    • Focused more on writing, Im 10 pages in without background, methods, experiments, tables.
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