Progress for week 25 (2021)

Fra Robin

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Saifurahman Noori


  • If algorithm works, clean up code:
    • Need to move methods, delete comments and unused code
    • Need to make setup method that takes parameters with "--" arguments and making folder in set up
    • Clean up branches etc on github so I can actually use branching (currently working only on one branch) so I dont loose anything with changes
  • Choose sigma and symmetry
    • Run with 100 population, make some plots

Martin H. Olsen


  • Store DEAP population in map-elites map
  • Plot DEAP and Map-elites in a heatmap
    • Plot timeseries? Since map is 1D.
  • Currently, map is stored as a list of individuals. This should be fine since re-evaluating is easy for map.
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