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Funky Sole Music

The software for running the Funky Sole Music demo is set up on the iMac in the Eastern corner of the mocap lab (the corner closest to Yngve's office). This software is:

Hardware needed:

Setting up the GPSP

  • The wireless router must be set up with SSID EPiCSdemo
  • Open the shortcut "GPSP patch", which leads to the Max GPSP setup patch. Then, wait until the indicator on the screen says "1 GPSP found". (make sure the GPSP is turned on)
  • Repoll local IP adresses, then choose the local IP given by the router (not localhost) in the drop down menu. Typically an IP starting with 192, or 10.
  • Wait a couple of seconds until the screen says "ready", then choose to "Set send IP on all GPSPs" in the drop down menu on the left side. Replies from the GPSP should appear in the Max window (CMD + M) to open the Max window.
  • Press "Repoll GPSP list"
  • Select the appropriate GPSP in the top left drop down menu.
  • Press "Start", and you should see the sensor data being plotted on the screen
  • You might want to leave the setup patch open while running the demo, to be able to stop streaming without turning off the GPSP.

Setting up the Music patch

  • Open the shortcut "lydpatch", which opens the Max sound patch.
  • In the max patch that opens, press option + cmd + E to enter presentation mode (should make everything look more neat)
  • Open Reason, and the reason document "FunkySoleMusic.rns". If Reason is properly connected to Max, the topmost device in Reason should say "rewire slave mode".
  • Set tempo in Max to 120 bpm (click in number box, type number and press return)
  • Click on the loudspeaker icon in Max to turn on audio.
  • Turn up the volume with the volume slider in Max.
  • Pressing space bar while the Max patch is selected should then start/stop the music. You can of course also just mute the mac sound output if the music drives you crazy while setting up the rest of the system...

Calibrating, Training and Running Sichao's pheromone algorithm

  • Wear the sole!
  • Open Netbeans and load the GPSP-OnlineRecognition project
  • Compiling:
    • Compile (shortcut: F6)
    • Select 9 to calibrate.
    • Select 0 (I think.. read on screen!) for full release, lift your foot, activate the red window that appears, wait a few seconds, and then press the red window again to stop.
    • Repeat the process for calibrating full press (whole foot to the ground), front press and back press. You need to recompile each time.
  • Training:
    • Compile, and select 1: Train patterns
    • The first pattern to train MUST be Walking (upper case W lower case alking). Type Walking when prompted.
    • Activate red window and start walking around for about 30 seconds
    • Press red window to stop training
    • Repeat the process (starting with compiling and selecting 1) for Toe tapping (name: TappingF) and heel tapping (name: TappingB)
  • Running it all:
    • Compile, select 3 Online Recognition, press red window and start doing funky sole music! If everything is properly connected, you should see classifications in Netbeans, and in the Max Patch.

Other remarks

  • if for some reason you need to restart the max patch, the netbeans project must not be running while opening the max patch. First open the max patch, then compile in Netbeans... (Because of an issue with how Max handles UDP ports...)
  • If max and reason do not connect properly, try closing and opening again...
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