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Started in August 1991, (formerly is a highly-automated electronic archive and distribution server for research articles. Covered areas include physics, mathematics, computer science, nonlinear sciences, quantitative biology and statistics. It can be used to protect against "research theft" by using arXiv submission as a proof of contribution to the original work.

IEEE conferences and journals allow uploading work to arXiv after the paper has been submitted to IEEE conference or journal under the following rules:

Can an author post his manuscript on a preprint server such as ArXiv?

Yes. The IEEE recognizes that many authors share their unpublished manuscripts on public sites. Once manuscripts have been accepted for publication by IEEE, an author is required to post an IEEE copyright notice on his preprint. Upon publication, the author must replace the preprint with either 1) the full citation to the IEEE work with Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) or a link to the paper’s abstract in IEEE Xplore, or 2) the accepted version only (not the IEEE- published version), including the IEEE copyright notice and full citation, with a link to the final, published paper in IEEE Xplore.

Submission Process

  1. Create your account on
  2. Start a new submission process
    1. Update your contact information
    2. Select if you are the author of the paper or submitting for somebody else
    3. Select the appropriate license, most likely arXiv one will be appropriate
    4. Accept the policy statement
    5. Choose the category of your paper
  3. Upload the paper. If it's created by LaTeX, instead of PDF, you must upload the following LaTeX files (recommended to make a zip with all those files and upload zip):
    1. All the .tex files
    2. Generated bibliography file .bbl
    3. .cls file
    4. All the figures in .jpg, .gif or .pdf format
    5. More info about how to upload:
    6. Fil:arXiv_AddFiles.jpg
  4. Process the files and fix any latex compilation errors if needed. Full output is provided
  5. Add the Title, Authors, Abstract, Comments and additional information
    1. Fil:arXiv_AddMetadata.jpg
  6. Preview the generated paper and check if formatting and all the information is correct
  7. Actual processing will take a day until the paper is published. You can make changes in the meantime

You will receive an email once the paper appears on

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