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Blender is an open source design tool. It is best suited for organic designs. At the moment Blender can be run without installation- simply download it to a folder, unpack and run. Blender is installed on ifiserv-6.ifi.uio.no
BRL-CAD is also an open source tool, mainly focusing on command-line input. There are possibilities using the mouse, but the interface is not very simple. It can export .stl files and other formats. Platforms: windows/linux/others.
Solidworks is a commercial tool, best suited when you want to precisely define your machine parts. UiO have invested in a site license for Solidworks through USIT. We have a page to help you start using Solidworks
Rhino 3D is a commercial tool, best suited for complex, good-looking surfaces and organic structures. They have an eveluation version that can be used a few times. It has some limitations when it comes to smoothing complex corner structures. It is easy to learn how to use. Design examples
AutoDesk is a group of commercial tools, based on AutoCAD. Autodesk Inventor is the suite for mechanical engineering.

STL Viewers

STL viewers let you open your STL file and check that the file looks as it should and have the correct scale etc.

Minimagics is a free STL-viewer (single user only).
Meshlab is an open source, portable, and extensible system for the processing and editing of unstructured 3D triangular meshes. Can be used for converting formats and correcting some errors.


objet studio is the 3D-printing utility for the Connex 500 machine. Here you may place your design in the tray, and select materials for each part in your build. Objet studio is installed on ifiserv-6.ifi.uio.no
Catalyst is the 3Dprinting software for the Dimension SST 768 machine. We have only license for installing catalyst on the machine connected to the printer.
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